About Us

The Event Cinema Association (ECA) supports and promotes Event Cinema on behalf of its members, championing the growth and raising awareness of this evolving category of ‘Big Screen’ content. Members of the Association include exhibitors, distributors and vendors.

Event Cinema – sometimes called Alternative Content – refers to the use of cinemas to screen a varied range of live and/or pre-recorded entertainment, such as: sport, opera, musicals, ballet, one-off TV specials, current affairs, comedy and live gaming. Event Cinema is defined more by the frequency of events rather than by the content itself and distinguishes itself from traditional films/cinema releases.

Event Cinema’ venues such as cinemas receive live broadcasts from performances or events across the World. Since its launch – often considered as starting with New York’s Metropolitan Opera in 2006 – the last twelve years Of Event Cinema has seen thousands of events across a range of genres including music events such as Take That Live, One Direction Live, André Rieu, live musicals such as the recent Miss Saigon and a record-breaking Billy Elliot Live in Cinemas.

More recently, the Event Cinema sector has seen a growing interest in live sporting events and ESports.