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The Event Cinema Association (ECA) supports and promotes event cinema on behalf of the industry and its members. Championing the growth and raising awareness of this evolving business of ‘Big Screen’ content. Members of the Association include exhibitors, distributors and vendors. 

Event cinema is one of the biggest growth areas of cinema programming. Event cinema content has successfully packaged and delivered a fruitful model that attracts new audiences to cinemas. Audiences that want to enjoy a shared experience of magical moments – whether it be opera, ballet, music, gaming – event cinema is entertaining audiences outside of the traditional forms.

What is event cinema?

Event cinema (alternative content) refers to the use of cinemas to screen a varied range of live and/or pre-recorded entertainment. These releases are typically categorised as content that is not a feature presentation and does not have a traditional theatrical window.

This is an evolving area that now incorporates content such as: sport, opera, concerts, musicals, ballet, one-off TV specials, current affairs, documentaries, comedy, art gallery exhibitions and live gaming. Event cinema is increasingly defined by its methodology of release rather than
by the content. Typically this is a ‘one or two night only’ release strategy, often accompanied by encore screenings.

That said, titles which have performed well and continue to be in demand, will have a longer run in cinemas. But even those performances will still be limited and with pre-set performance times, which do not follow conventional theatrical film programming.

Who are we?

The Event Cinema Association (ECA) is a non-profit organisation funded by subscriptions from its members. The Event Cinema Association (ECA) is governed by the ECA Board of Directors.

The daily operations and delivery of the Association’s objectives are overseen by the ECA’s Managing Director, Grainne Clarke

Grainne Clarke

Managing Director

+44 7967 673 188

Grainne was appointed the Managing Director of the Event Cinema Association (ECA) in October 2018, the global and primary trade body for the alternative content sector. Since being in position, she has redefined the vision of the ECA and consolidated a new strategy for driving forward and promoting this growing area of cinema programming and worldwide Box Office. 

Before joining ECA she held – for more than five years  – the position of Policy Executive at the UK Cinema Association, where she has been instrumental in driving forward a diverse range of policy issues. Grainne spearheaded the development and the delivery of the UK Cinema Association’s pioneering Challenge Fund initiative which is seeking to help stimulate innovation in technology to allow people with hearing loss to have a more inclusive cinema experience.

Grainne also sits on the Board of Governors for the Cinema Technology Community (CTC) and was named on Celluloid Junkie’s list of the ‘Top 50 Women in Global Cinema’ in both 2019 and 2020. Grainne was one of the pioneering mentees and then subsequently the first mentee to mentor on the UNIC Women’sCinema Leadership Programme.

ECA Board of Directors

Amelia Prisacaru Sales Director, Piece of Magic Entertainment (Netherlands)
Brad LaDouceur Vice President Event Cinema, Cineplex Entertainment (Canada) 
Jan RungeIndependent Cinema Consultant (Germany)
Janelle Mason Founder and Co-Director, CinemaLive (Australia)
Johnny Carr Group Event Cinema Manager, Vue International (Europe)
Katrin MatheInternational Event Cinema Manager, Kinepolis (France)
Laura CorrieaAVP Film & Event Cinema National Amusements (USA)
Marc Allenby CEO, Trafalgar Releasing (UK/USA)
Sarah Lewthwaite Chief Client Officer, Movio (Europe)
Simon Tandy Managing Director, Omnex (UK) 

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