CinemaLive (Australia)



SESSION 4: 'Windows to the world - what works in different territories?' - Australia

Founder and Co-Director of CinemaLive, she is also founder and Director of The Shooting Star Group of Companies, established 25 years ago in Australia.

The combination of Shooting Star’s company divisions of production, digital delivery, entertainment and cinema advertising, led her to start the CinemaLive division in 2008, before relocating the company HQ to London in 2011.

Having spent 10 years of her early career producing high end advertising, she made the move into the entertainment sector, widening her experience to include shooting live theatre, comedy and music concerts, as well as related television shows and series.  She continues to head up Shooting Star production, based in Sydney, servicing existing entertainment clients, as well as the production of CinemaLive’s worldwide marketing materials.

Career highlights have included travelling the world producing for Japanese Agency, Dentsu Young & Rubicam, working with some of the greatest entertainers alive and bringing entertainment to regional Australia, by installing the CinemaLive satellite network.

Now with CinemaLive’s strong presence in northern and southern hemispheres Janelle ‘commutes’ monthly, sharing her time between the Sydney and London offices.