The Event Cinema Association represents a wide range of global professionals who work in or support Event Cinema content. Whether you distribute, showcase or facilitate the delivery of event cinema content, the Association will consider your membership involvement.

Join event cinema professionals to become part of a passionate and growing community.

Why is the ECA needed?

  • The ECA supports and promotes event cinema on behalf of its members, championing the growth and raising awareness of this evolving category of ‘Big Screen’ content.
  • Members need a universal voice – at an international level – to ensure that the legitimate interests of the event cinema sector are taken into account.
  • The ECA ensures that the excitement about event cinema-going is represented and communicated effectively both within and outside of the film industry.
  • The ECA will provide greater transparency of data by collating global box office data, insights, relevant market research and case studies to communicate international trends and strategies.
  • The ECA will help promote and market event cinema content.
  • Keep abreast of international policies that will impact on this area of industry.
  • The ECA, where appropriate, will lobby and advocate for the sector with key opinion-formers and policy makers ensuring member’s policy positions are reflected.
  • The ECA will provide training, guidance and support on identified areas of the sector to the benefit of its members

Member Fees

Membership fees are due annually. Members can join at anytime during the year. The Association seeks to offer fees that are affordable and of value for the varying needs and range of members involved across the event cinema community.
In order to be as inclusive as possible and to reduce cost being a barrier for involvement, the Association has introduced a flat fee membership for any organisation.

This is set at £500 per annum. The Association offers a reduced rate of £200 for indivuduals and cinema operators with 10 sites or less.