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ECA Objectives

  • Gather and share insights as a community focused on the growth of event cinema.
  • Regular Box office reports from multiple territories.
  • Tracking performance
  • Audience segmentation and insights to help with audience development.
  • Sector interviews and case studies
  • ECA Annual report
  • Survey report on sector topics/trends.
  • Monthly newsletter sharing local and international news as well as hosted on the website
  • Release schedule
  • One spotlight event per month to highlight a short-led time release.
  • Content Showreel for cinema website and in-screen advertising (quarterly).
  • Promotional showreel to market the category to the industry and other sectors.
  • Option for members to promote content at industry trade shows and ECA events
  • A defined schedule of events including an annual conference and the highly popular ECA Slate Day.
  • Established presence at key industry events globally.
  • Annual product presentations at key trade shows such a CineEurope and CinemaCon
  • Working groups on key issues,meetings to be held at key events to ensure optimal participation (once or twice a year)
  • Regular rountable discussions and networking events.
  • Ensuring that the position of the Association and wider industry on key issues around Event Cinema is represented and communicated effectively both within and outside of the film industry.
  • Keep abreast of international policies and the impact on the category and communicate key issues to members.
  • Key policy areas include; the social, cultural and economic value of cinema exhibition, Digital Cinema/ technology, Film Theft and Copyright, Classification, Release Windows, Premium VOD, Music Rights Management, and Disability and Access.
  • Establish a dialogue with neighbouring industries around content and seek to host networking events to showcase opportunities between the event cinema sector and other industries such as music, gaming and theatre.

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