ECA at CineEurope

Event Cinema made its stage debut at CineEurope, delivering a landmark presentation – to a full house – in the CCIB’s main auditorium at this year’s convention.

The hour show was extremely content rich, with a number of exclusive announcements and a few personal messages from some well know celebrities. Hosted by the Event Cinema Association’s Managing Director, Grainne Peat, with a special keynote from the Founder and CEO of Vue Entertainment, Tim Richards before content providers took to the stage to deliver an exciting and enticing range of content for European Cinemas.  With presentations from Dutch, French, Italian, American, Australian and British companies, the sector showcased the truly diverse and international nature of the Event Cinema industry.

This landmark presentation not only solidified the growing importance of Event Cinema to cinema programming but also brought something new and a bit different to for delegates to enjoy. Whether its opera, theatre, gaming, sporting events, exhibitions or music concerts, Event Cinema content has firmly delivered a new layer to the big screen experience.  It has proven to be a solid channel to bring in new audiences – of all ages – to cinemas.

ECA Main showreel