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Date: Thursday 10 October
Location: EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam
Ticket price: ECA members £50/ 50 Euros Standard ticket £100/ 100 Euros
9.00 Registration
10.00 Conference starts
17.00 Conference finishes
17.15 Evening drinks
18.30 Post conference reception

This year’s conference will look to explore and present a new range of topics for the Event Cinema Community, whilst providing a fantastic opportunity to network with members and colleagues across Europe.

The collation and sharing of data will be at the heart of the ECA’s annual conference this year. The one-day event will take place at the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam on Thursday 10 October.

Initial findings from the ECA’s Annual Report demonstrate there are a lot of inconsistencies around how Event Cinema is segmented and reported. The ECA conference will start to unpick and discuss what data is most important and what can be done to improve how this is recorded and shared. This will lead to a wider discussion around the need for a universal (and agreed) categorisation of Event Cinema to help get better transparency of Event Cinema performance.

There is no doubt that Event Cinema has evolved and is mainly defined by content and/or by methodology of release – even within these categorisations, it is not always clear what is considered to be ‘Event Cinema content.’ This is a much a needed discussion that the ECA is best placed to steer and develop.

Further details on the programme across the two days will be confirmed shortly, but topics covered will include:

Event Cinema Segmentation and audience profiling – Movio

Event Cinema Box Office Performance – Showtime Analytics/Comscore/Gower Street

How to use data to build a successful digital platform – Powster

ECA/EDCF/UNIC Event Cinema survey results and panel discussion

How to maximise food and beverage spend for Event Cinema performances

Defining Event Cinema panel discussion.

All professionals travelling from the UK, can submit a bursary application to Screen Skills. Each individual will need to complete separately.

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